Book – Lindy Bruzzone

ABOUT the book

For most people, death comes as a surprise. For Lindy Bruzzone, death was a familiar shadow—sometimes friend—that hounded her every step.

From a very young age, Lindy had known how she would die. Like her father, his father before him, and many of her ancestors, she knew it was only a matter of time when the hereditary cancer would rear its ugly head and take away her health, her body, and eventually, her life.

Knowing this, Lindy hastened to experience everything before her time would come. She jumped from one job to another, from one state to another, until she found her calling as a parole agent and investigator. In the notorious prison of San Quentin and the seediest parts of California, Lindy Bruzzone challenged her own mortality—working with violent criminals and investigating dangerous cases for forty years.

“In 2007, the diagnosis finally came—late staged colorectal cancer. Despite the diagnosis she was ready for the long, difficult battle.” Following chemotherapy, genetic counseling and testing resulted with the diagnosis of a defective mismatch repair gene causing Lynch syndrome or hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer. A genetic condition, it increases the risk of getting cancer. The family secret, evolving through the generations had finally been unraveled, reigniting hope for a family dearly in need of it. Lindy’s family could become the first generation to receive preventative cancer screenings and deter from contracting hereditary cancers. Perhaps unlike the generations before, today, they may live.

Fearless, inspiring, and full of hope, My Father’s Daughter will take you on a journey of survival, courage, and tenacity of one woman who faced death multiple times and made great strides in Lynch syndrome research and awareness.